Standard Proposal

Standard Proposal

Have a beautiful story!

Part of a great proposal is creating an image your partner will remember for the rest of her/his life.

We provide a romantic helicopter flight, a prestige stretch of soft white sand, ´´Will you marry me? ´´ written on the beach and the gentle murmuring of the waves, so you can have an exquisitely romantic setting for a marriage proposal. How could she/he say no?! Come and make it possible with us.

US$790 Price per couple


  • Hotel to heliport transportation by land
  • Helicopter sightseeing flight (20 minutes) without landing
  • Letters “Will you marry me?” at the beach
  • Heliport to hotel transportation by land


  • Flowers
  • Name of girl-/boyfriend at the beach
  • Professional photographer during flight and picnic
  • Videographer and edited photos or video of your experience: call for a quote


Weight and weather limitations may apply

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Price From USD$790/person
Total $ 790 USD